Mark is happily married to his best friend Pam. They have 5 amazing kids and a little girl, Eliza Leslie Herr, who joined them on July 4th @3:16am in Republic, Washington – she is named after Eliza Willing Powel who asked Ben Franklin “So Doctor what have we got, a Monarchy or a Republic.”

Mark Herr Sr. is a U.S. Air Force retiree. He holds a Masters degree in business administration and is the president, cofounder, and instruction development director for the Center for Self Governance (CSG).

At CSG, Mark researches and studies human governments, social tensions and stabilization theories. His innovations in and experimentation with social stabilization theory is hailed as ‘ground-breaking’ and ‘cutting-edge’. Since 2011, he travels non-stop, nationwide, training, coaching, and mentoring CSG Trainees in the application of these theories.

He fervently hopes that CSG will deeply cement the science and application of social self-governance into the U.S. culture for generations to come! You can reach him by email at or by phone: (C) 901-550-099.

  • Affiliation:Co-founder, The Center for Self Governance
  • Subject:Civic Responsibility and Self Governance
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